Tam Coc Ninh Binh Vietnam | Caves, rice field, river, pagoda and temple

Tam Coc is one of the most amazing destinations you have to visit in Ninh Binh once in a lifetime. With people who are in love with the majestic scenery of mother nature, nowhere is greater than Tam Coc because of its unique beauty of the fairy world. This summer, let’s come here and enjoy it. However, to get the best preparation, don’t miss all the below useful information and tips at the bottom.

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Table of Contents

  • Why is Tam Coc Vietnam worth a visit?
  • Ninh Binh Tam Coc entrance fee, price and opening hours
    • Tam Coc price
    • Tam Coc in Ninh Binh opening hours
  • Things to do in Tam Coc – Attractions and activities
    • What to do in Tam Coc – Experience the boat ride on Tam Coc river!
    • Passing through Tam Coc Caves Vietnam
    • Cycling around Tam Coc wharf and Tam Coc village
    • Tam Coc pagoda and temple
  • Best time to witness Tam Coc rice field
  • Where to get the best Tam Coc viewpoint?
  • Getting to Tam Coc from Hanoi
  • Tam Coc accommodation – Where to stay?
  • Small tips for a big trip!

Why is Tam Coc Vietnam worth a visit?

If you have a chance to travel to Ninh Binh, Tam Coc is your number one choice.

Tam Coc is the most attractive tourism destination belongs to Ninh Binh province, usually known for the famous name “Ha Long Bay Inland ”. It is an amazing combination of mountains and rivers, forming a picturesque view in tourists’ hearts. The mountain is full of diversified shapes, one succeeds another.

Tam Coc is always the top priority when people think about Ninh Binh!

The scenery, especially along poetic Ngo Dong river, changes according to the seasons, so there are mainly their typical colors: green of fields, yellow of the harvest seasons and like-silver color of water). It is not extra to say Tam Coc is beautiful all year around!

Ninh Binh Tam Coc entrance fee, price and opening hours

Tam Coc price

You have to pay for 2 tickets: sightseeing ticket and boat ride ticket

The sightseeing fee:

  • 120,000 VND for adults,
  • 60,000 VND for children ( 1.4 meters in maximum)
  • free for children under 3 years old.

The boat trip fee: 150,000 VND during from 1,5 to 2 hours boat

You can buy the ticket at the boat station (Van Lam port) or book a tour including all the fee!

Note:  maximum 4 Vietnamese people/boat or 2 foreigners

Tam Coc in Ninh Binh opening hours

From 7 am to 6 pm.

It’s better for you to come from Hanoi before 10 am, maybe 8 am is the best, for a quiet atmosphere and not so crowded when you start your trip there.

Things to do in Tam Coc – Attractions and activities

What to do in Tam Coc – Experience the boat ride on Tam Coc river!

The most exciting part of Tam Coc things to do is taking a Tam Coc boat tour.

Sitting on the sampan boat, you will pass through the magnificent landscape as if passing through the fairyland. Limestone mountains emerging from the tranquil water, along with gorgeous paddy fields at both sides. You can also negotiate with your boatmen to stop by somewhere and take some photos.

Taking a boat ride is the best way to enjoy your time here!

One thing will make you surprise is that the boatmen sometimes will sail by their feet, not by their hands. With this trend, they reduce hurt on their hands as well as creating new eyes for tourists and particular imagination in Ninh Binh.

Passing through Tam Coc Caves Vietnam

Tam Coc means “three caves”, including Ca Cave (first), Hai Cave (second) and Ba Cave (third) respectively. The boat trip will pass through all three caves made up of Ngo Dong river through the mountain.

Experience the thrill passing through the cave system

Ca cave: is the largest and longest cave among all, with a width of more than 20 meters at the entrance and more than 127 meters in length.

Hai Cave: It is a small cave with a length of only half of Ca Cave (about 60 meters) and 1 kilometer far from Ca Cave downstream of Ngo Dong River.

Ba Cave: Although this cave is the smallest one, only 50 meters in length, it is considered the most beautiful cave compared to the other two. Here, you will be amazed how wonderful mother nature creates it, with delicate details skillfully honed, all together forming the unique beauty.

At the end of this journey, a mini floating market will appear and you will admire the skillfulness of locals selling everything on the boat. You can buy food and drink there but bargain first!

Cycling around Tam Coc wharf and Tam Coc village

One of the best Tam Coc what to do next to take a boat trip is definitely cycling around the villages which will bring you remarkable memories. The feeling of relaxation, peace, and cool invades your heart when you catch the smiles of farmers, children along the way.

Take a bike and cycling around Tam Coc with us is the best way to explore some untouched spots in Ninh Binh!

Sometimes, you have a chance to see the grass-eating buffalos or goats. In the summer afternoon, you will have a chance to harmonize in local children team flying the kites in the paddy fields. What an awesome experience!

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Tam Coc pagoda and temple

Tam Coc what to see beside caves? There are also other places in this complex you can check in. Below is some of them making your trip to Ninh Binh more awesome than ever

Bich Dong Pagoda

This pagoda is an ancient one built by Asian-style architecture, only 2 kilometers far from Tam Coc. This is a small complex including three pagodas both inside and outside the mountain and wonderful caves.

Bich Dong Pagoda will daze you at first glance!

Thai Vi Temple

Another old pagoda from the 13th century. Coming here will help you expand knowledge about the Tran Dynasty‘s Contribution to our country in the past as well as the life of Queen that time Tran Thi Dung.

Best time to witness Tam Coc rice field

With terraced fields in the middle of the mountain and endless paddies in the West North of Vietnam, Tam Coc golden rice is in the special list you must explore. It is typical for the middle position between the romantic Ngo Dong river and the ancient stone mountain forming an adorable picture with yellow as the main color. Be sure you will be fall in love with it instantly.

The perfect time to witness it is between the middle of May and the very beginning of June, during the harvest season in Ninh Binh. In April, green color covers the paddy fields and it will turn into yellow at the end of May to the beginning of June.

Its best season – The ripen rice fields season!

Otherwise, you can pay a visit anytime in the year. And don’t worry about rainy days since the place turns to be brilliant sunshine immediately after quickly heavy rains. And of course, the scenery seems to be more vivid and splendid.

Where to get the best Tam Coc viewpoint?

You would love to see Tam Coc valley from the above to eyewitness this whole beauty. The best viewpoint of Tam Coc in Vietnam is looking down from the top of Ngoa Long mountain located in Mua Cave complex.

Enjoy the amazing scenery at the viewpoint in Mua Cave!

More about Mua Cave, this place is suitable for anyone having a passion for taking photos and love challenges. Passing over 500 challenging stone steps to the top of the Mua mountain, all the majestic world will be in your eyes.

>>> How about taking a Hoa Lu Tam Coc Mua Cave tour to experience all of these attractions and activities!

Getting to Tam Coc from Hanoi

You can get to Ninh Binh in many ways including train, bus, private car and motorbike. For the detail, please check out!

Then from the center of Ninh Binh to Tam Coc is about 7 kilometers, so a taxi is the best selection. Hiring a motorbike or bicycle is not a really bad idea to discover the daily life of farmers in this area as well as seeing the beautiful landscape and stop to check in more easily.

Tam Coc accommodation – Where to stay?

Usually, tourist will take a day tour because it’s close to Hanoi. In case, you want to visit other places such as Trang An, Bai Dinh Pagoda… you can stay for a night. It should be better to live in lovely and nature-friendly homestays with the beautiful bungalows located along the route.

Staying in bungalows will bring you the best local experience!

There are also homestays having a view looking out the rice fields. You shouldn’t choose many stories hotel which can make you feel boring. Here is some advice for you: Ninh Binh Greenland Homestay, Ninh Binh Family Homestay and Ninh Binh Mountain View Homestay. Booking on or is recommended!

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Small tips for a big trip!

Things must be in your bag:

  • Water, drink, light snack
  • Sunscreen (it is necessary for being under sunny a long time), sunglasses, hat (it’s a great time for a conical hat – the symbol of Vietnam) or umbrella in sunny days and raincoat in rainy days for not interrupt your trip.
  • Cash since ATM in Tam Coc is rare

Remember always to check your life jackets on your boat, to guarantee you are in a safe situation.

Tips for boatmen are not compulsory but a little money (around 50.000 – 100.000 VND) can make them happier.

You should wear comfortable clothes, one more thin coat for being against low temperature inside the caves make you feel cold. You should select shoes with soft soles which bring you a comfortable feeling while climbing the mountain and walking. Paying attention to your clothes when you intend to visit pagodas and temples, not too thin and too short.

Remember to ask for the price of food, souvenirs or any services. Bargain if needed!

An exciting and unforgettable trip is waiting for you. If you are interested in Tam Coc but still wonder about this destination, don’t hesitate to contact us. Local experts are here to help!

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