Ninh Binh boat tour

Ninh Binh Boat Tour [ Price ] More river tour than you could have imaged!!!

Ninh Binh boat tour is nothing like Halong Bay cruise tour. It is not that it is less attractive or interesting, it is just that Ninh Binh boat trip is different and beautiful in its own way. However, there are many places in Ninh Binh that you can go for a boat tour, and as foreign visitors, this may confuse you a lot.

Therefore, you should check out our recommendations for boat tours in Ninh Binh to get a gist of what boat tour in Ninh Binh look like and to find out what is best suitable for you!

Some best boat tour Ninh Binh to consider!

Tam Coc Ninh Binh boat trip

Tam Coc boat tour, a part of the popular Tam Coc tour, emphasizes the natural beauty: the romantic Ngo Dong River surrounded by limestone mountains and rice paddy fields, the impressive Mua Cave and other magnificent sightseeing destinations. Everything this beautiful, charming and captivating just like a scene from a movie.

Ninh Binh boat tour in Tam Coc

Tam Coc boat tour – A row to the hidden fairyland!

In this Ninh Binh boat ride, you will sail to three caves altogether, which are called Ca Cave, Hai Cave,  Ba Cave. The inside of each cave is like another world with colorful stalactites hanging down from the ceiling, looking like crystal chandeliers.

You will also have a chance to visit a mini floating market and experience the colorful life on the water surface of the local people.

Ninh Binh boat tour in Tam Coc

At the end of Tam Coc boat tour, you can see some boat selling food and drink. If you want to buy anything, bargain first!

Another special thing about Tam Coc boat tour is the boatmen. They sail like no other with their feet, making the ride more efficient and less burden on their bodies, and making a great sight for the tourists, too!

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Trang An Ninh Binh boat tour

There is one common question to every traveler coming to Ninh Binh: Trang An or Tam Coc as both are listed in 30 of Vietnam’s most beautiful places by CNN.

Ninh Binh boat tour in trang an

Visit Trang An to immerse yourself in this beautiful nature

Trang An boat tour offers you 3 routes altogether:

The first route will be the longest one with 3.5 hours through 9 caves, 4 temples and palaces.

The first route includes most of the destinations, so it will be the longest one, suitable for young people. Elders and children may find this route a bit tiring for them. On this route, you will be impressed by the magnificent grottos, limestone karst, and the ancient temple. Everything is beautiful, marvelous and impressive.

Ninh Binh boat tour trang an route 1

Route 1 offers the best exploration as it passes through 9 caves, 4 temples and palaces

The second route will sail you to the famous “Kong: Skull Island” film set site, 4 caves, and 2 temples and palaces.

This route is a bit shorter, only 2.5 hours for a full trip. The second route is a good choice for family travelers. It has fewer destinations, still the highlight of the route – the aboriginal village, also known as “Kong: Skull Island” film set site – is very attractive and great for any tour. You will be lost in a unique ancient world when you step into the film set.

Ninh Binh boat tour trang an rout 2

Kong Skull Island is one of the most intriguing spot in Trang An for sure

The last route includes getting you to the filming site, 3 caves and 3 temples and palaces all in about 3 hours.

And if you aim for the relaxing purpose, the last and shortest route will be best for you. For this route, you will be experiencing a quick overview of the highlights of Trang An.

In some ways, this appears to be really suitable for photographers. Since the time spending on traveling is less and that of sightseeing and photographing is more. Also. the pace of the trip is much slower, so you will be more relaxed taking the Ninh Binh boat tour.

If you are planning a day trip to Trang An, you can make the most of Ninh Binh by visiting nearby attractions such as Hoa Lu and Mua Cave. For the detailed itinerary, you can check out Hoa Lu Trang An Mua Cave tour.

Van Long Ninh Binh boat ride

If you would like an even more secluded tourist zone or seek for a new destination, Van Long boat tour would be a great choice among those other Ninh Binh boat tour. Van Long natural reserve is surrounded by a lush green mountain and possesses charming caves, making it an ideal place for a boat ride.

Ninh Binh boat tour in Van Long natural reserve

Van Long natural reserve is the right place if you are seeking for peacefulness and relaxation

In Van Long boat tour, you will be floating on a traditionally styled bamboo sampan with boatmen – or you could try sailing yourself. It will be only you among the dreamlike reserve filled with natural beauty. If you are lucky, you can even spot wild and rare animals such as langurs and birds.

The boat tour in Van Long will lead you into the wildlife with pristine, untouched nature of mountains and caves. However, the boat tour may be quite short, just over 1 hour on the water surface. But the peaceful and joyful feeling will totally make up for the short span of time. The entrance fee for Van Long reserve boat tour is also quite cheap.

Ninh Binh boat tour in Van Long

If you are lucky enough, you can see numerous of this “white pant” langur playing on the limestone mountain sides

The variety of fauna and flora is another advantage of Van Long boat tour. It is the largest wetland in Northern Vietnam, hosting various kinds of birds, langurs, delacours and other animals, as well as hundreds of rare plants and trees. Therefore, you will be enchanted in one of the best Ninh Binh boat tour in Northern Vietnam when coming to Van Long reserve.

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Thung Nang boat tour

Another Ninh Binh boat tour worth considering is Thung Nang boat ride. Thung Nang, also known as Sunshine Valley, is also a new face of Ninh Binh tourism. Just like its name, the sun shines all the way and all year round in this beautiful valley. Thung Nang is bright and vibrant, making you feel light-hearted at first sight.

Ninh Binh boat trip Thung Nang

Thung Nang is way more peaceful than other places!

Like other boat tour destinations, Thung Nang also possesses a marvelous cave system. The caves there vary in shapes and sizes. Some can be small so that you have to lower your heads while exploring. Some are as big as a palace, but they are all beautiful.

In Thung Nang Boat tour, you will be able to explore all these caves as well as immerse yourself in this vibrant and brilliant valley. The serene scenery with broad panoramic view in Thung Nang has captured hearts of tourist from four corners of the world.

When you row into these beautiful caves, you will have a chance to visit the Thoong Sacred Temple, where locals practice worshipping their ancient Lords. Furthermore, these caves are a system, so they are likely inter-connected.

Ninh Binh boat tour in Thung Nang

Marvelous cave system in Thung Nang

So don’t be surprised if you find yourself sailing from one cave to another. Or sailing yourself into a bright, beautiful and unfamiliar scenery at the end of the cave. This can be considered as the most exciting and charming point of Thung Nang Boat tour.

Thung Nham boat tour

Another off-the-beaten-track destination is Thung Nham. Thung Nham is also known as the forest valley of Ninh binh, hosting a wide ranges of fauna and flora.

In Thung Nham, you can take a 2-hour sampan boat trip, sailing through bush-like trees and the waterway is surrounded by beautiful limestone mountains. The scenery along the rowing trip is one of the most untouched and natural ones among the other boat tours in Ninh Binh.

Ninh Binh boat tour in thung nham

Visit Thung Nham at late afternoon to witness these beautiful flocks of birds

Not to mention the most excting part of this boat trip: bird-watching. You will have a great chance to witness flocks of birds painting the landscape a lively picture. A lot of bird such as stork, cauldron, stone flute and other rare species gather gather in the footage of the amazing view.

Just one thing to notice, you can only see this around 5 to 6 pm!

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Ninh Binh boat tour price

To choose the best boat tour in Ninh Binh, you should also consider the price.

  • Trang An boat tour: 200.000 VND/adult and 100.000 VND/children (below 1.4 meters) for maximum 4 people/shared-boat.
  • Tam Coc boat tour: 120.000 VND for visiting ticket. And the boat ticket is 150.000 VND/boat for maximum 2 to 4 people/shared-boat.
  • Van Long boat tour: 120.000 VND for visiting ticket. And the boat ticket is 60.000 VND/boat for 2 people.
  • Thung Nang boat tour: 15.000 VND/adult and 5.000 VND/children (below 1.4 meters) for visiting ticket. The boat ticket is 60.000 VND/boat for 2 people.
  • Thung Nham boat tour: 100.000 VND/adult, 50.000 VND/children from 0.8 to 1.3 meters and free for children below 0.8 meters for the visiting ticket. After 5:00 pm, you will get a discount of 50% on the ticket price. And the boat tour ticket is 20.000 VND/people
Ninh Binh boat tour

In the end, we would like to offer some helpful tips to help you enjoy your Ninh Binh boat tour to the fullest

Ninh Binh river tour tips

  • In these locations, you should bring cash and a small bill. It is to buy things at the vendors and pay for the tickets. Because mostly in these place, credit cards are on accepted and paying by cash is the only method. Also, using a large bill (for example, the 500.000 VND) to buy a small thing like a water bottle can make the local vendor running out of changes for the entire day. So make sure to get some small notes with you.
  • Sun-protecting gear is a must. You will spend the day outside, under direct sunlight. Some recommendations for you is a hat, sunglass or suncream to avoid sunburn. And water to avoid fatigue under the direct heat from the sunlight.
  • The life jackets on the boat should be sufficient and working. You should wear them once boarding on the boat. As always, safety first. And you should carefully use your camera. Maybe use a water-resistant coat for your camera in case of dropping into the water.
  • Tips are not a must. But the boatmen will be extremely happy if you give them a small tip for great service. Tips can be from 50.000 to 100.000 VND.

Have you chosen the best Ninh Binh boat tour for yourself?

If you still wonder which should take, please feel free to ask us. Original Ninh Binh Tours local experts are here to help!

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