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Ninh Binh Caves Vietnam | Galaxy Grotto, 3 Caves and more

Ninh Binh caves are no less magnificent and charming than any other caves throughout Vietnam. They are all rustic, un-touched and mysterious. Coming to Ninh Binh without visiting one of these caves would be a big mistake for any travelers.

These most famous and beautiful Ninh Binh caves are located in different parts of Ninh Binh, they can all be reached easily within a few hours. So, tourists can do a day tour or overnight tour to visit them. Here is the list of the must-visit caves in Ninh Binh. Check it out now!

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Which Ninh Binh cave to visit?

There are many Ninh Binh caves can be found in Trang An, Thung Nham bird garden, Van Long nature reserve, Cuc Phuong national park and so on as the whole Ninh Binh province is surrounded with rivers and limestone mountains which form numerous caves. Below are just the very highlighted Ninh Binh caves for you to explore. Try not to miss out!

Ninh Binh Caves

Ninh Binh has tons of caves thanks to its geographical features

Galaxy Grotto Ninh Binh (Thien Ha Cave)

Thien Ha Cave is the new face of Ninh Binh caves, but it has gained fame since its discovery in 2007. The small gateway and thick tree cover have made it really difficult to explore Galaxy Cave before. The cave is located Son Ha Commune.

To visit Thien Ha Cave, you will have to start at Muong Tho Ha Village in Son Ha Commune, go to Ben Dang river and then the Tuong Mountain. There will be a small stone road leading to the gate of the Thien Ha Cave. It might be a bit complicated, but the sight of Galaxy Cave will be worth the effort.

The total length of the is 700 meters, with a 200 meter-long dry cave and a 500 meter-long water cave. The traveler should take a boat trip to explore Galaxy Cave. Inside this Ninh Binh cave, there is a fairy world with colourfull and all-shaped stalactites waiting for you. Galaxy Cave is mysterious, charming and shining.

Galaxy grotto ninh binh cave

The color lights reflecting on the stalactites make the place more beautiful and mysterious

Furthermore, to anyone with interest in archeology, Thien Ha Cave will be a tourist destination that they should not miss.  It still preserves the natural beauty as well as ancient relics and traces through millions of years.

A lot of traces and relics of primitive Vietnamese have been found inside the cave, namely mollusk shell, pieces of pottery and animal bones. Therefore, this beautiful Ninh Binh cave is also considered to be one of the natural museums preserving the ancient proof.

Thien Ha Cave or Galaxy Grottoes has not developed for tourism much. So if you wish to visit this Ninh Binh cave, contact us for a customized tour!

Galaxy grotto ninh binh caves

The highlight of this cave is always all-shaped stalactites. But what shaped, it all depends on your imagination!

3 Caves Ninh Binh (Tam Coc)

Tam Coc, or also known as The Three Cave, has already been a famous Ninh Binh caves as well as a tourist attraction ever since. Its dreamy beauty is no doubt one of the best photogenic places in Ninh Binh. Tam Coc is regarded as “Halong Bay inland” due to its charming endless mountainous and rice field view, mysterious caves and calming rivers.

Tam Coc is so beautiful that it is even ranked as the North second nicest grotto. In Tam Coc, there is not one, but three charming caves, named Hang Ca, Hang Hai and Hang Ba (The First Cave, The Second Cave, and The Third Cave).

3 caves ninh binh caves

In Tam Coc, you will also take a boat ride through caves but the scenery surrounding are way more marvelous

These Ninh Binh caves are quite near each other, but they are all different in size and shape. The three caves are also called Xuyen Thuy Dong system (literally means the caves lie through the river) since there is no ground inside the caves, only the water surface of the river running through them. The best way to explore Tam Coc is also by taking a boat trip.

The First Cave is the largest and the most charming one among the three cave. The length of The First cave is 127 meters and a height of 2 meters. The Second Cave is 70 meters long, and the Third Cave is only 45 meters long.

trang an ninh binh cave

The boat will take you through caves then the whole beautiful view will appear beautifully like this!

Inside these caves, the atmosphere is cool and calm with the sound of water slapping against the wooden boats. It feels amazing when the boat slowing sailing through the caves and the tourists have a chance to admire the beautiful stalactites made by Mother Nature.

They look like coming from another heavenly world with shimmering and colorful beauty. The travelers will be impressed by the grand and appealing of these Ninh Binh caves. For the exploration, check out Hoa Lu Tam Coc day trip – the most popular tour in Ninh Binh!

Dancing Cave (Mua Cave) – One of the most famous caves in Ninh Binh

Mua Cave – The Dancing Cave is also another beautiful Ninh Binh cave worth visiting. Unlike other Ninh Binh caves, the charming point of Mua Cave is not the cave itself, but rather the panoramic view and the way leading to the peak of the mountain.

Mua Cave is also known as the miniature of the Great Wall of China due to its special stone staircase. It is located in Khe Ha Village, Ninh Xuan commune, Hoa Lu District of Ninh Binh Province. At some point in the past, this place, with its beautiful scenery, was the place for the ancient Vietnamese Kings to enjoy singing and dancing shows.

Ninh Binh caves hang mua

Mua Cave – “The Great Wall of Vietnam” is the highlight of every trip to Ninh Binh!

To conquer Mua Cave, travelers need to go all the way to the top of the 500-step zigzag stone staircase, with the ending point at the altar of Quan Am Bo Tat (the Goddess of Mercy). The delicate decorations of the altar, as well as alongside the staircase, are all made by stone.

At the peak of the mountain, the traveler will be rewarded with a magnificent panoramic view of everything. The endless golden rice field, the cloudy mountains, the lush green valley, and the jade-like river, all are waiting for you!

And if the travelers are lucky enough to set foot at the peak when the sun sets, the view would be even more stunning. The tourists will have a chance to admire the sunset-dyed reddish stone-carved dragons and phoenixes, the changing hue of the sky and the surrounding scenery. The air up there is super refreshing and a bit chilly, a perfect combo for hiking on Mua Cave.

Muac Cave in Ninh Binh

Mua Cave is famous with the view from the top of Ngoa Long mountain. Here is just a part of what you can witness!

However, if the travelers wish to visit the cave underneath, it is also possible. There is nothing wrong with the cave, it just happens to be less famous than the view on top of the mountain. Mua Cave may be a bit small compared to other Ninh Binh caves, but it still holds a lot of beauty inside.

>> Visit Mua Cave and other mysterious ones in Tam Coc Mua Cave tour or Trang An Mua Cave tour!

Am Tien Cave – Tuyet Tinh Coc

Once was forgotten, but nowadays Tuyet Tinh Coc has made a comeback with its dreamlike beauty. Tuyet Tinh Coc, also known as Am Tien Cave, has recently been re-opened for tourism with two new tunnels across the mountains and a road along its lake.

Ninh Binh Caves Am Tien

Am Tien Cave is a hidden spot in Ninh Binh that possesses this dreamlike beauty

Since this Ninh Binh cave is hidden among moutains and not yet popular among foreign tourists, you can have a customized trip if you wish to see this fairy site. Coming here, tourists will have a chance to escape the busy and tiring outside world to enter an isolated oasis.

Am Tien Cave is well known for the coming-out-of-the-movie beauty, the landscape here resembles the scenes from Asian martial-art films. Clear lake water, mysterious and out-of-this-world surroundings will surely charm any traveler’s heart.

If tourists wish to explore the Am Tien Cave, they need to pass through a 205-step stone staircase to reach it. Inside the cave, tourists will find a lot of ancient chapels.

Rumour has it that this cave was the place of King Dinh Tien Hoang’s tiger raising and the living space of the dowager empress Duong Van Nga at her old age.

Ninh Binh Cave Am Tien

Ninh Binh Cave Am Tien

Apart from that, travelers can also visit the Am Tien Pagoda nearby. The special thing of Am Tien Pagoda is its gate looking just like a dragon’s mouth. This pagoda is the worshipping land of Buddha, so besides sight-seeing, tourists can pray for a healthy and peaceful life there.

What to notice visiting cave Ninh Binh?

To end the list of Ninh Binh Caves, here are some tips and trips travelers should know before coming to Ninh Binh:

  • Wear comfortable clothes and bring sun-protecting gear. Because exploring caves often requires a bit of walking and climbing, you should wear suitable clothes to avoid tripping. Also, because you will be exposed to direct sunlight for a long time, sun protection is a must. Some items recommended are sunglass, suncream and a hat.
  • Bringing a light snack and a bottle of water is recommended. Cave visiting can be tiring at some point, and snacks and water will prevent any dehydration or tiredness. But please remember to keep the environment clean by throwing rubbish inside the trash bin.
  • Some Ninh Binh caves can be explored by taking a Ninh Binh boat tour. Therefore, travelers should check out the ticket price and the schedule of the boat in advance. The ticket can be bought at the ticket box at the entrance of the harbor. Do not buy the ticket from other suspicious people, because there is likely to be a scam.
  • There will be some local people trying to sell things along the trip, and they can be really persistent. However, tourists should not feel obliged to buy them. Just simply and politely turn them down. Or if you want to buy something, bargain first!

You will definitely visit at least one cave in this list on your trip to Ninh Binh. The question now is which Ninh Binh caves? So if you need further advice, feel free to ask our local experts. Original Ninh Binh Tours is more than happy to help!

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